About Us

Uni’Que Basket Giving Corporation is a non-profit organization founded by Patricia Long, the proud owners of Uni’Que Baskets & Bouti’Que LLC.

Although they are two separate entities, they both work together to achieve a common goal of spreading love through gift baskets.

The for-profit gift basket service is a business that sells gift baskets, while the non-profit giving corporation is an organization that provides gift baskets to people in need.

Each entity has a mission of its own, yet the common goal remains between the two: to deliver gift baskets to those who need them most, while also generating revenue for the for-profit business.By working together, the two entities can achieve both missions:

Uni’Que Basket & Boutique’s goal is to provide all-occasion gift baskets designed with you in mind. while Uni’Que Basket Giving Corporation’s goal is to spread love one gift basket at a time.

Special Note:

 65% of all profits from Uni’Que Baskets & Bouti’Que are donated to Uni’Que Basket Giving Corporation which supports the homeless and elderly.

 We are also proud to announce that we are working towards establishing the Uni’Que Basket Giving Community& Mobile Food Pantry to help provide nourishing food to those in need. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the well-being of the elderly, and the unhoused population, those who are socially isolated, lonely, or forgotten. We strive to uplift the downtrodden and helpless in every aspect of life.

Our Vision

“Our Vision” is to create a world where every elderly person is valued, respected, and supported. We aim to end the social isolation, loneliness, neglect, and suffering of the elderly, especially those who are homeless or in need.  We also strive to empower them to live with dignity, joy and purpose.

Founder View

We understand that we cannot change the world, but we can contribute to making it a better place.

Our goal is to provide The elderly and the unhoused/homeless population with the essentials they need and the respect they deserve.

By doing so, we hope to show them that they are valued, cared about, and loved. Ultimately, by improving their quality of life and well-being, we believe that we can make a difference.”